Pickup’s garbage. 33 pickup lies uncovered. So you can see why Pickup makes you stupid and sick.

There are a lot of PU videos that are trying to persuade you to be aware of your deficiencies. At some point it all just annoyed me, disgusted me and I couldn’t stand the nonsense they were trying to put you through. Learn real flirting, real addressing, in everyday life, on the street. But not this crap!

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And I had to expose that nonsense.

The result is the series “Pickup Lies”. uncovered”:

Pickup Abbreviations | DHV Story | Pickup Pull | InstaBang | Instadate | Instabullshit | Antipickup

And all this nonsense is still shown by pickup abbreviations: Learn Routines and DHV Stories, InstaBang, InstaDate. I’m really getting things going with this. Like flirting is a computer game…

And about this NERD shit, my 25 second comment:

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You be yourself. Women talk to you. Do something with yourself. Women talk to you.

++ ATTENTION ++ BONUS. Probably the “stupidest” loser tip you’ll hear: BE YOU YOURSELF! KLAR!! IF “YOU SHOULD BE ITSELF” Then it would probably also be in women’s club fashion!

And don’t let that bullshit talk you into it, if you’re not yourself, you’re pretending.

Who can talk you into this bullshit???

Just be yourself. I’m just a nice guy. I’m a nice guy. Niceguy Syndrome.

<font color=#38B0DE>-=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=- Proudly Presents

You gotta be yourself. Stay the way you are. All you gotta do is wait. Be grateful.

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