Your tools of the trade.

If you want to address women in everyday life, you need of course some tools to be able to successfully address women in everyday life, especially situations on the street require a certain skill.

I also recommend that you practice addressing women situatively. Tips can be found in the video!

I’ll give you barbaric tips that will make your success with women explode!


Unreliable women. What are Flakes? Woman not responding Woman not answering.

Learning to appeal to women

Women Response Practice | Seduction in Practice | Flirting in Practice | Optimal Learning to Flirt

Situational women address grab your dream woman!

⭐️ Addressing women on the street | 10 ingenious tips | ⭐️

I’m going to be a master in everyday situations.

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anxiety to respond

The Topic href=””>Winning Ansprechangstbesiegen is unfortunately one of the central topics in flirting. Because if the woman almost always makes the first non-verbal contact, you will have to make the verbal and the first step. Unfortunately, exaggerated expectations of flirting and dating will keep you from talking to them. Ansprechangst & social phobia you hold back. Here I give you tips on how to defeat these social phobias:

Afraid, shy, shy, pretty ladies to talk to? Is it banal or real? Take a look here and use compliments as opener & introduction.

More videos:

Overcoming fear | Overcoming social phobia | Addressing fear of women

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Overcoming fear of response | Fear of response Reasons | Fear of response Where from | Mastering social phobia


href=””>Opener flirting in everyday life | Addressing in everyday life | How to address women in everyday life | Everyday flirting Tips

Where to address

Actually, you can find attractive ladies anywhere – but there are places and areas where it’s easier to appeal to women:

Where to address women | Where to address pretty women | Where to address women shopping

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