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Going to the club alone means you’re socially weak?

Not at all.

Going to the club alone is the fastest and hardest way to bring your game to the front.

Here I would like to tell you a few advantages that a solo club gang brings with it and what you have to pay attention to.

1. feel free

No one will judge or judge you – you are loose, casual and free and can do your thing completely without ballast and luggage.

2. talk to all women

Speak to as many women as possible, preferably right from the start.

Have the courage in the parking garage or in the queue in front of the club – so you have a reason to address them again on the dance floor.

Beware of the trap of talking to guys – surely nice, but you should be kar that you want to attract women, not the same sex. You’ll also have fast time-consuming interactions – and most guys with girls are also their bed partners where you can’t do anything about as fast as beginners.

3. lower your expectations

We’re not in Hollywood here – be aware that you won’t take a woman home with you every night or that everyone will rip you off.

Just have a good time, collect phone numbers and make new acquaintances.

4. search larger groups

It is usually difficult to approach a girl who is only travelling with a friend.

Rarely do they want to separate, or the girlfriend does not allow the other to be addressed.

Here it is advisable to address women from a larger group.

5. Find quiet corners

Find a place where the girls can go alone.

This can be at the bar, in the corridor in front of the toilet waiting for her colleague or at the cloakrooms.

6. at the end of the evening.

At bus stops, for example, it can be used to wondering very well what the ladies’ evening was like or where they’re going.

Even the most stressed woman in the club is much more relaxed on the street. Ask for an afterparty or other good opportunity. Simple talk is really enough here!

7. drink little alcohol

The more alcohol you drink, the more you lose control and focus, be it in your conversation or in your behaviour. Also the potential driving home of the lady of your choice is omitted with high alcohol consumption – fingers away from driving after too much alcohol.

I have been alcohol-free for years and recommend this for better flirting behaviour – also for your health.

8. Move

Try to stay in different places at the club.

Avoid being considered the guy who’s bored sitting alone in the corner.

9th Wing Man

Find a good partner with whom you can make the club and the women insecure together.

Important: The buddy must keep your back free and not want to snatch the girls away.

And because it’s often so hard, find a good dating or flirt coach.

10. Are you alone here?

As already mentioned at the beginning, going alone into the club is seen rather negatively.

Often the question of the girls in the club is whether you are alone or not.

In my experience, you drive best when you say your boyfriend doesn’t get here until about midnight.

If exactly this woman speaks to you again after midnight and asks about your boyfriend, you can say that he unfortunately had to cancel you spontaneously.

I understand and respect this social question from women – to answer it with “I am alone here” you can try 2 or 3 times – then you think of the advice.

By the way: “My boyfriend is shitting right now” also works – of course I wasn’t always on the way to the picture book discos …

Conclusion: To jump solo into the nightlife can be hard.

It trains you, though. extreme in speaking to women.

It also makes you pay more attention to what you want.

Just give it a try and experience the real benefits of going it alone in the club.

As a conclusion I have to ask you from my coaching experience: Do you really want it? If you don’t enjoy nightlife 100%, you should look for other ways to appeal to women: Everyday life? Journey? Social circles? Free time? I will be happy to help you find the right paths for you.

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