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You see a woman, but you can’t find the words to address her?

Often men, for example after a long day at work or directly in the morning, have starting difficulties to get into a conversation.

In such cases it makes sense to have a coach at your side who can help you get started and help you on your way.

Sure, a direct call is better for most women.

But what’s better: use a jump-start or just do nothing and miss the chance?

Of course, this should not be a permanent condition, because this dependence will not get you any further in the long run.

Be active, radiate dominance and dare!

In the video you’ll find lots of ideas on what you can do.

But through my coaching experience I can assure you:

You can try weeks and months “on your own”, which is a flirt-friendly body language – or you can have yourself examined and advised by an experienced trainer.

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