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Today I would like to give you absolute book recommendations in the areas of nutrition & fitness, personality development, dating as well as finance & business.

Nutrition & Fitness

  • Body by Science (by John R. Little, Doug McGuff)

A fitness book with a scientific foundation, which gives ideal advice for the right sporting activity.

  • The Multiorgasmic Couple (by Mantak Chia)

Here you get all information about anatomy, male sexuality and tips on how man can best satisfy woman.

  • The Primal Blueprint (by Marc Sisson)

Mark Sisson is THE nutrition guru who introduces you to the art of healthy eating.
A book, which I can absolutely recommend especially in the English version!

  • Bitter pills (by Hans Weiss)

Here is all the information about any pills on the market.
Ingredients, mode of action and suitability of all prescriptions by the doctor can be looked up here.

  • Natural and safe – the practice book

If you are in a relationship and looking for alternatives to hormonal contraception and condoms, this book is for you.

  • The Eight Anticancer Rules

A great addition to the book by Marc Sisson.


  • The 4 hour week (by Timothy Ferris)

If you are dissatisfied in life or expect something different from your job, this book can offer you a new perspective and give you great new impulses.

retirement provision

  • Invest sovereignly with index funds and ETFs (from Gerd Kommer)*

Absolutely recommendable book on the subject of long-term old-age provision.

  • The Education & Millionaires (by MichaelEllsberg)

Here you will find summaries of the most important English books on the subject of marketing.

It is quasi the Wikipedia of the best knowledge books.

Dating & Personality Development

  • The Rational Male (by Rollo Tomassi)

The book deals with gender dynamics and presents an evolutionary and psychological point of view.

It answers questions about female thinking and helps men to better understand.

  • The law of conquest (by Maximilian Pütz)

Nice book that provides advice for a successful conquest of women.

  • The Ripper (by Neil Strauss)

This book belongs on every bookshelf without exception!

It teaches you to get the best out of yourself and thus increase your self-esteem.

  • Praise of Sexism (by Lodovico Satana)


  • Notes from a friend (by Anthony Robbins)

This book bubbles with positive energy, teaches you about emotional states and helps you to become better in all matters.

  • Think and become rich (by Napoleon Hill)

A book full of fundamental principles of success regarding emotional and personal wealth.

  • The laws of the winners (by Bodo Schäfer)

Valuable tips and principles for a successful and fulfilled life.

  • William Tell (Friedrich Schiller)

William Tell is an absolute example of a hero’s traveler.

I hope there’s something in my book recommendation for you, too.

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