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The process of betaization is a creeping process, but it is common in the course of pair bonding and therefore almost indispensable.

Betaization is the process by which a man’s alpha traits (e.g. dominance, leadership) are increasingly transformed into beta traits and the man gradually develops into a nice guy, unnecessarily surrenders responsibility and withdraws from his duties. One would also call it either letting oneself go or becoming settled. One could also call this homemade emasculation.

Important: Women do not cause this process intentionally and never intentionally but are your reflection. If you give up leadership and responsibility, she accepts the woman. Sneakingly, you become unattractive not only to them, but also to yourself.


  • It can creep in through the direct transmission of certain tasks, “Will you do that, please?”
  • or in a subtle way, like staying at home all the time and watching a movie called “Let’s make ourselves comfortable!”. “Why do you work so hard?”
  • Concerning third parties “Your children (parents/friends) will miss you / see you less”.


  • For example, the reduced sex, the reduced sex quality, double binds or that the man gains 10 to 20 kilos in years of relationship.
  • Clothes: Someday you’ll just be wearing Memphis shoes and striped shirts…

What can man do against betaisation?

As soon as you notice that you no longer feel comfortable, betaisation has already taken place.

Here it depends on you and also how far your relationship with the woman is already advanced.

But my advice tends to be: quit and reorient. It’s your miserable behavior. Do what you did at the beginning of you’ve been in a relationship. Take her hard, watch porn with her, smoke, drink, stock weights, work 60 hours a week. Get back to what you used to be.

Actually, the process of getting out of betaization is similar to a withdrawal (NOTHING MORE!) or a way out of depression (step by step).

It is also advisable not to move in with a woman for the time being, unless you want to start a family with her.

This keeps the relationship passionate longer because everyone always has their own place of retreat.

It is also important to stay in the social process.

Your day should not only consist of seeing only your work colleagues and the woman, but stay socially connected and possibly also always in the dating process (if it helps you).

It is also very important that you learn to listen to yourself and say no.

No to airs and graces, no to things you don’t like.

In this way you can prevent the betaisation process a bit and remain true to yourself.


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