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Poison Drip (by Tyler of RSD) describes the phenomenon in many a relationship in which the woman turns the man into a couch potato in a creeping process.

This can be done by asking her to do more with her, to stay at home, even though a meeting with his friends had already been arranged, to have a cosy movie night with her instead etc.

In the Cosby Show this phenomenon is, in my opinion, clearly visible: A man more or less directed by the women around him (wife and daughters).

  • A further prime example of this is the show The Prince of Bel Air: Philip Banks mutates within the seasons from an initially very successful, dominant man to a softer, gentler serial character who is dominated primarily by the wife, perhaps the shows are also adapted so that it will be better to sell for a certain proportion of the sex – it doesn’t really do justice to the umpteenth family father.

This psychological emasculation of the man is often trivialized and humorously portrayed in the media – which it simply is not de facto.

Because a man simply by nature needs the more dominant and aggressive Alpha moves.

Just look at your series or movies you watch from this perspective and pay attention to the respective gender roles.

How does the woman behave and how does the man behave?

Always bear in mind that the media do not represent the real world, but that they are unconsciously nailed into your minds and may therefore send false impulses.

What can you do about it if you feel that you are not perceived as a man? Just go. Keep moving. There are other continents and countries.

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