Today I would like to draw attention to the topic of attachment anxiety or relationship phobia.

Fear of relationships affects both men and women equally.

So open your eyes, it can affect anyone!

Classic signs of a phobia of attachment are the desire for a lot of one’s own leisure time, long working hours, on-off relationships, many arguments, emotional coldness and social withdrawal. Interestingly also a large intersection to bipolar and borderline stadiums… just by the way.

Here it?s best to listen to oneself and to question whether the above points apply to you and whether such fears may exist.

One of the causes is the relationship with the parents in childhood, and the consequences in adulthood are explained accordingly.

If the above statement applies to you in any way, please be so honest with your partner right from the beginning of the relationship and give him a fair view into the future.

Because at some point the question will come up: Where are you going together?

Books, therapy or maybe even unrelated, but to devote your attention to others? Maybe a solution.

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