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At times in your life you decide against a fixed relationship for various reasons.

This is often viewed negatively by society, as the general focus is on finally settling down and having a solid, stable relationship.

  • Having a relationship is glorified, so to speak.

This social pressure often results in young men in their early twenties committing themselves to the pursuit of family, house building, etc. Neither finances, investments, passive income, goals nor values are right. What do you mean? Be good and kind and raised by mum and father after the divorce only seen on weekends – and you know military only from Vietnam movies … And so the wife marries a 31 year old brother at the social experience age of 12. And then she has to educate him…

I can understand that. As a woman I wouldn’t be interested in these computer nerds without a desire to take on responsibility either and would prefer to be solo.

My advice. Do not marry under 35: Take your time with it, live your life first and collect experiences. LEBENS experience outside the mold office and average wage colleagues.

Decide for yourself and completely detached from the opinions of others what is the right way for you.

If you’re in a relationship but don’t want to get stuck or need time for yourself after a relationship, then treat yourself to that time and just have fun instead.

Listen to yourself and find your own way.

bond phobia
bond phobic

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