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Occasionally you may be asked if your date can bring a friend to the meeting.

Your date brings girlfriend

On this point, you should be clear whether that is okay with you personally.

But my opinion is: A romantic date only makes sense with two people.

After all, you only have a pair of eyes and a pair of ears that can only focus on one thing or one woman at a time.

And you don’t want to dance at two weddings at the same time, do you?

That’s the view I think your date should share.

Therefore you are faced with the following alternatives:

  • 1. you answer her that it is all right for you, even if it is not.
  • 2. you just honestly tell her that that’s not okay with you and you want to meet her alone. “I understand. But I… etc.” Here, however, you should be aware that she probably won’t want to meet you again.
  • 3. you answer her that you have a hard time flirting with two women at the same time, and that you would not like to make one of them jealous.

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