Best friend to bring on a date? Is that okay? Your date brings her girlfriend? What’s your best reaction? My advice for the perfect date date and dating tips for the first meeting and why you should accept delays.

What do you need expensive dates for? What do I pay for my meetings? How do you make a cheap first date: Date tips for miser. All that on this side.

1st date

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Some basics, if you got a phone number from a woman on the street:

Call or SMS | Text message or call | Fake phone number | Get phone number

When to call a woman | When to contact a woman | How fast to call a woman | How fast to contact a woman

Cheap Date

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Best friend is coming on the date.

Bring best friend to date Bring girlfriend Bring girlfriend Bring girlfriend

Guided tour of the date

Take the lead on a date in an unfamiliar city. Dates in an unfamiliar city.

Too late on the date

href=””>Late on the date | Late on the date | Late on the 1st date | Flirting | Understanding women

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