Today I will introduce you to the everyday Casanova test. In the AlltagsCasanova test report, you will learn how you can learn to flirt in everyday life with the AlltagsCasanova product. Here it goes to the everyday lifeCasanova!

You want to address women in everyday life?

Today I would like to introduce to you the product “AlltagsCasanova”, that is from Pierre Stimmenthaler, from

It is the most grandiose, most outstanding German product, which you can acquire and look at about everyday flirting, flirting in everyday life, or addressing women and getting to know them in everyday situations.

I know I’m really doing a lot of advertising for it now, but you just have to understand or understand that I’ve looked at a lot of things over the last few years that are NOT recommended or even hinder you in your success with women. Therefore: I recommend the really good things. And that includes the course! Here it goes product!

What is the product?

With such a product, special attention must always be paid to focusing on how to teach you to get to know women in everyday situations and to address them in everyday situations. It’s called “everyday flirting.”

During the day it is different: You have normal situations and not like in the nightlife, a strange environment, which is falsified by music, by alcohol, by strange mood. Surely there are people who live more in the nightlife than during the day. Vampires, clubbers and party people. But you are here because YOU want to learn how YOU can address the woman in the restaurant, the street or the S-Bahn in everyday life. Click here to download!

Who is the program for?

You want a natural, normal interaction with normal way to get to know or approach women you like and want to meet personally. The product is for someone who really says, “Hey, I want to get this part of my life under control, improve it, optimize it, learn how to flirt in everyday life.” So someone who not only watches, but also shows initiative.

What’s the course?

Everyday Casanova Test

You simply learn the seminar with your browser: This means that you log in with your computer, iPad or smartphone and can see through the individual lessons on your mobile or stationary device.

Then you will see the individual modules divided: First step by step the psychology and principles of flirting in everyday life are explained to you. Success in practice also requires something theoretical!

What is explained in the first module?

Everyday Casanova Test

  • What is actually behind the art of flirting in everyday life?
  • How can you prepare yourself?
  • What kind of beliefs help at all to get to know women or to address women in everyday situations?
  • Where does this anxiety come from?
  • Where does this hesitation come from when you see a woman attractive to you on the street?
  • Where does this “What do I do or say” come from?
  • And what can you actively do to overcome these hurdles?

Learn to act!

Women’s everyday speech 1X1

It’s not about the “what do you want me to do?” You’re supposed to learn to interpret this into “I do something!”

“How to do something” comes later. Because you can’t influence other people, you can’t predict the reactions. You can only influence your own actions, your own deeds. All this and more is explained in the first module.

What’s in the second module?

Everyday casanova test report

In this module I like very much that it is a practice module. It shows classic daygame situations by Pierre / Streetgame In-Fields, flirting in everyday situations.

Here you will be shown how you can address a woman, how you can establish a conversation with her, how you can see whether you are interested in her and whether she is also interested in you.

Maybe you or she will arrive at a certain point: “Hey, that’s cool to talk to you, but I’m about to meet a friend right now” or “I’m on my way right now, I have something to do”. Then what are you doing? Maybe there’s something she needs to do?

That’s when you reach the point where you say to her: “Hey, I thought it was really cool with you, I think you have a likeable way about you, I’d love to see you again, let’s exchange phone numbers”.

And so you have your first solid phone number to stay in touch with the woman in the situation.

That here the one or other thing that I have now so simply explained is to be considered, is clear to you or? That’s what you learn in class!

These are all cool, positive, relaxed, social interactions, where you can really feel that the woman in the videos is really interested in getting to know each other again.

You realize a woman appreciates a guy saying, “Hey, I like you, I like your way and I’d love to see you again.”

You can see that in the videos. And in my eyes this also has an exemplary character, quite clearly. Click here to download!

Boot camp, what’s that?

Everyday casanova experience

What I also like very much is the short boot camp. This is such a step-by-step course where you get individual videos with mini-tasks that you can do to get you ahead in your everyday flirting. Be sure to check it out and do the tasks for your success with women!

Timetables, what’s that?

Then there is something like timetables, which I also find interesting. These are very special situations that occur during flirting in everyday life: Fitness studio, university, bus and train or café as an example. You will learn how you can get to know or address women more cleverly and with greater social competence.

What bonus is there?

everyday casanova

We’ve got some bonuses in here. What I liked about it was the interview with Pierre, which was recorded in a very relaxed atmosphere and he speaks freely.

It is a very relaxed atmosphere, from someone who is successful with women and this knowledge, this experience brings you further.

bottom line

It’s actually everything that can happen to you when flirting and talking to women in everyday situations. If you learn the theory in the modules and apply it practically, you will continue to develop with your success with women.

In my eyes this is also a course that you might be able to watch every few months, especially when you are in such an early phase. In the beginning you might watch all the videos, have a lot of input, then go out on the street and then go shopping and think: “Ok, I’ll try something hesitant” and notice how you naturally gain your first positive experiences. You continue and have the first successes in flirting and addressing women in everyday life.

After a while you think to yourself: “Ok, I’ll take another look at the course to see the little nuances of what Pierre is doing. Maybe to develop the body language more and less to fidget or to improve the own voice, to speak slower and more clearly.

Well, you can really take a lot with you. Click here to order!

I just find something like talking to women in everyday situations, flirting in everyday life and getting to know women is something you can only read and learn to a limited extent in books. You can read a lot in books, but certain things you have to hear, look at or also look at. And this in visual form! That’s what the class is for! Grandiose content, filmed in high quality, well explained and helpful. Click here to download!

Here it goes to the everyday lifeCasanova!

Everyday Casanova Test
Everyday lifeCasanova test report
Everyday lifeCasanova
Everyday lifeCasanova Pierre Stimmenthaler

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