Today it is about the topic of misogyny and how it affects your success with women.


This issue is particularly relevant for men who have had little success with women or who want to maximise it.

Men who have had no problems getting to know women and who therefore tend not to be interested in the subject of seduction and getting to know each other do not tend to be affected by women’s hatred.

Development of women’s hatred


You will notice that in time you will come across women who do not respond to your calls or messages (so-called flakes).

This is demotivating and can be a cause of misogyny or reinforce it. You can quickly become a woman-hater.

Bad experiences

But bad experiences in the form of rejection or betaisation can also trigger a negative attitude towards women.

Not enough attention, priorities other than yourself, LSE behavior, rejection, double binds, etc., put you in a situation of doubting yourself and being negative about women.

What can you do about misogynyny?

First of all it is important to be aware that misogyny exists and how it can develop.

You won’t be able to change the fact that a woman gives you a wrong telephone number, doesn’t react to your contact attempts or treats you badly.

But an awareness of this phenomenon and acceptance are already central points.

Negative attitudes pull you down in your being, so try not to let negative events get close to you.

Also, free yourself from a negative environment that may have such an attitude, or persuade you that it is “normal female behavior.

  • In my view it doesn’t matter whether dog, cat, mouse, woman or toddler: disrespectful behavior and you’ll be a disrespectful person. Don’t blame, don’t respect it.

Do not let yourself be hindered by such experiences or attitudes, but go positively into the next phase.

  • My ultimate tip here: “Thank you very much. I wish you a beautiful day/evening”, you go and briefly pray for her in the form of her inner healing “Lord, bless her with gratitude – whatever difficulties she has or has had”.

MGTOW and MGTOW Germany are also a form of hatred of women, here you can find my video.

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