Here you can read which phases are involved in a separation of a relationship? What separation phases do you have to go through? What can help you? Is there lovesickness in four phases of mourning?

A love relationship is an intimate relationship between two or more people who initially have a mutual acceptance and erotic attraction. Except in platonic love, a love relationship is a sexual relationship. The beginning and end of a love relationship are determined by the will of the persons involved. While a love relationship often begins with the infatuation and always the agreement of the participants, it can be ended independently by each participant. A short-term love relationship is also called a love affair, a liaison, a love affair and a lasting love relationship is often called a partnership. Parallel and especially extramarital sexual affairs are called fling and the lovers are called lovers.

via love affair – Wikipedia.

1. not wanting to believe – separation phase of a relationship

Partner announces end of relationship. We’re waiting for signs of reconciliation, there won’t be any.

Feelings: inner emptiness, numbness.
Behavior: Rejection, exclusion, isolation from others.

2. breaking up feelings – phase of a separation of a relationship

Becoming aware of the finality of the separation. Realization that wound is there and will heal slowly.
Feelings: sadness, hopelessness, despair. Have I failed in my relationship?
Behaviour: active mourning (message) or retreat (isolation)

3. reorientation – mourning phase of a separation of a relationship

There is a life and future after the partner. We determine this.
Feelings: Less anger and hate.
Behavior: Distance from the old relationship. Make new relationships.

4. new life draft – mourning phase of a

Separation of a relationship

Old relationship becomes closed part of the past. Choice between new partnership or single existence.
Feelings: harmony, personal strength, heartache
Behavior: Reflection. Discovery of hidden needs, new orientation.

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