It can happen to anyone that you fall head over heels in love, and after a while you realize that you no longer want to get along without the person.
When this is called love is left to each individual. I myself find the word “love” far too imprecise to express what one feels for the person.

(Note 2010: Love is something you do actively! Love is not a feeling…)

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For the lovesickness

No control calls

Just no control calls to see if she’s there to hear her voice, …
I’ve never done anything like this myself, but I’m sure there are a few.

It does a) nothing at all, b) you never get rid of it and c) it annoys the others. And that doesn’t do you any good!

Go for sport!

You know a lot of people who ask you “how did you deal with your pain” and they will often answer you with sports!

Let your anger out in sports. Come to bed at night so broken that you don’t have time to get heartbroken.
If you’re lucky, you’ll meet new people.

To that:
Sport requires discipline! You can’t remember him there. /They think! A lot of MTB riding helped me a lot. The best thing about it: Not only can you spend all your energy on it, you can also roar all your rage into the woods!

Try to get out of her way.

Immediately: The tip is WRITTLE. (Note 2010: the tip is good)

That’s the biggest crap there is. It could be that this helps some people, with me it helps/half nothing. That’s why I’m describing it this way:
Let’s suppose she/he broke your heart, otherwise you wouldn’t be on my sides! Do you also want to hide from him then? Do you still want to show him that he has control over you? Do you want to make him feel like you can’t get away from him?

This is pure bullshit!

For the first few days, I would give her/ him out of the way. You just need your time to figure out the story. Now some people go there and retreat further or try to make the purest detours. Do me a favor and don’t do it to yourself!
That’ll only break you, and if you happen to see the person, you’ll almost break it.

I prefer the more painful method, but it’s over faster. I am not a masochist, only this is my experience, everybody can do it in his own way. First of all! It’s gonna hurt a lot:
See that you can somehow get close to her. So that you see him/her often. And every time you see him, you know: he has broken your heart, you will no longer come together, you are now separated, go separate ways, are no longer friends, no longer a couple, …

Just don’t make the famous mistake of trying to contact me again. She / He doesn’t want anything more from you!! And THAT you must learn, unfortunately painfully.

That sounds so easy now, but it’s heavy. But the quickest way to get over it Someday you’ll get used to it. the feeling of hate, jealousy, anger, aggression and just forgets about it. It’s faster than lying in your bed crying after her.

Like I said, it’s my experience. And I’m gonna do it again. I’m not gonna hide. And don’t avoid the room where the ex is! Then rather stand next to them. And every time you look over there, you know it’s over. And very quickly you realize it’s over. And don’t think about it anymore.

Important: You have to admit to yourself that it’s over! That there’s no chance you can meet her again, or get back together. That sounds so easy now, but I know it’s pretty hard. But only if you draw a line, end the thing, and even *in yourself*, can you slowly go on living without thinking about it all the time.

Howling’s allowed!

Forget that “you’re a man” talk. Go to bed, fill up your pillow, think about the situation, and after a short time you will feel better.
Somehow everyone’s got to let their emotions run wild, or you’re gonna burst.

I’d better not write here how many times I cried after the ex. Anyway, it helped. It’ll make you feel better.

Distract yourself!

Meet friends, acquaintances.
Try to think of something else.
Go out, or do something you don’t think you can do.

You can’t paint? Try it.
You can’t dance? Go to a dance class!
Discipline, fun, some work and fast she is from your thoughts and you have the head free again. You can distract yourself, don’t have to think about her for a while. And if you can do it, you can also let your emotions go into your pictures. That sounds a little weird now, but it helps you over the pain!

Go to bed so broken that you don’t have time and strength to think!

Go under


Disco, bar, going out, that stuff. Get to know new people. It’s a long-standing tip, but it’s not my case. I’m not a friend of parties. But I’m sure it’ll help some of them.

And importantly, don’t try to get your heads blown off. That doesn’t help with heartache, trust me. It doesn’t help, it makes it even worse.
If reading and music don’t distract you.

Go in front of the PC and play a computer game.

Yes, women can too!
You don’t believe how distracted gambling on the PC can be.
If you think of something else, you don’t concentrate, you break 🙂 The advantage to the real event: If it doesn’t work then you won’t drive against a tree like in real sports!

A new love, forget the old one.

Here again: TOTAL BULLSHIT (Note 2010: Yes, even empirically proven is: A new love makes forgetting faster!)
I picked it up somewhere, maybe it helps some, it only helped me so much that I had to think of two women (girlfriend broke up, shortly after I met someone new).
There’s nothing more annoying.

And I’ve so often wished that more time had passed, that thing was longer ago than I met the new one.

A few words at the end

I found some tips here on the net, like:

Treat yourself to a great holiday or the expensive clothes from the boutique, the new car…

Man/woman tell all acquaintances what kind of A… the ex is


Only I find all this so far from practice that I don’t want to take up this stuff here. In English:I Find It Scrap
Frustration buying to forget the other one? Great, how long? Half a year?
Talking everyone’s ears full of what the ex was like? And then wonder why you don’t have any friends anymore? So much for that, think about it.

The only thing that really helps in principle is time. And these You have to try to get over it as much as you can. I’m sure my advice will help.

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