Today I would like to give you some tips about Hired Guns.

These are salesmen, bartenders, actually all women and ladies who are WORKING and doing a service job.

Often these are e.g.

  1. Behind a counter.
  2. Round with other colleagues.
  3. Busy with customers.
  4. We don’t have time.

and and and and.

In this article I will give you some advice on how to make it socially acceptable to address many hired guns.

1. socially isolated is better

Try to catch the woman alone.

Spatial and social distance from other employees and the boss are important criteria for being open to your words.

Be patient. Try again a few minutes later. Watch the environment.

2. prove your social intelligence

Hold on a second.

Remember that the woman is currently working and busy and therefore does not have time for long conversations.

Show her openly and honestly that you like her and are interested in her, ask for her phone number and then go!

Three. Be direct.

Never make the mistake of wagging around them for a few minutes before you dare to talk to them.

Women notice this and de facto associate you negatively.

Have the courage and show your interest immediately.

4. ideal situations

It becomes difficult with the cashier, because you cannot remove her from the environment of her colleagues.

Counter situations (sales assistants) or waitresses are better suited here.

Just try it out.

Everything can succeed with directness, social intelligence and sympathy.

5. accept a NO

Sometimes the situation doesn’t fit either: customers, people, too loud, too hectic. Then you must be content with a situational NO and your flirt success look somewhere else!

A coach will help you with more advice and open eyes to find better opportunities. Feel free to contact me.

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