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How to find the optimal woman for you?

The book Praise of Sexism by Lodovico Satana contains a guide for you, which divides women into four different groups based on their self-worth.

Self-worth is defined as what a woman is worth to herself and what value she can offer to her potential partner.


HSE stands for High Selfesteem.

Women with high self-esteem have the following characteristics, among others:

  • Obviously feel comfortable in their body, stand by themselves, are emotionally and socially stable, open with fellow human beings, joyful types.


LSE stands for Low Selfesteem.

Characteristic traits of LSE women are for example:

  • Problems with one’s own body, do not find oneself attractive, have disgust with one’s own body, no goals in life, no values, are socially closed, show many airs and graces, have mood swings, borderline, self-destruction, difficulties in life, constant search for recognition, inability to tolerate good treatment by another, overweight.

LD HD Sexdrive

In contrast to self-esteem is the sex drive, which in turn is divided into a strong sex drive (HD High Sexdrive) and a low sex drive (LD Low Sexdrive).

This results in four different classifications of women:

While HSE LD women are only suitable for a nice acquaintance, HSE-HD women are ideal for long-term relationships.

For LSE LD women, it is advisable to take the legs quickly in the hand, whereas LSE HD women are interesting for sex relationships (after the Beuch.

In general, it is advisable to take care as soon as you have a woman with many LSE trains you’ve met.

Of course the categorization according to Satana is a bit too much black and white thinking, but this is a very interesting impulse with regard to the search for an optimal woman for you.

If it helps you think in terms of templates and drawers, do it. If it poses a problem for you and you do not carry such sweeping descriptions of essence, then let it go.

In the dating success counts only what is important for you and your goals!

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