This video and article is about addressing women.

Background is quite simply that, I have noticed that in my channel on the basis of the research the topic was searched totally often.

So I assume that these are also people who are interested in how to address women correctly in everyday life.

I’m trying to give you some input.

The other videos and articles look more at the outer world around it – clothes, style, mindset, energy, inner game according to Outer Game.

What is the most important message I want to give you?

First of all, you can meet women anywhere. That sounds brutally simple, but it’s true!

If you’re not trimmed to see attractive women at all, you won’t notice that interesting women can be found anytime, anywhere!

Because you’ve been conditioned to go blinkered around the world and the only thing you’re allowed to see women at all is in the nightlife, or circle of acquaintances.

Here at I am really interested in women in everyday situations, href=””>on the street, in the Rewe, in the Aldi, in the bus, in the train, wherever, to get to know the women who you like at first sight visually.

Or that seem like something you like, or whatever.

We have first defined where the getting to know each other or the approach for me should take place or can take place. That is, in everyday situations. Not in nightlife, not in bars, but in everyday situations, where you tend to meet women alone, which makes your life much easier.

Attention lies and bullshit!

Next thing you know, you’re freeing yourself from the idea that you can get any woman you want. Sorry guys, everything out there in marketing, PR, gimmicks of some kind… you can address any woman – no problem, typical pickup lies bullshit, see!

As long as there’s no ICE or highway in between, you can run to any woman and say three pretty words to her, compliment her,

Sure you can. But that more evolves from becoming intimate with the woman, that you build a relationship with her, however, from this story you should detach yourself a little bit, that it works with every woman.

Clear yourselves of the subject you could have any one, get any one. Any you can do that, you should!

The end is in my head!

That you should always have the end in mind. That is, if things go well: “How can I establish an intimate relationship with the woman”, or “How can I move the conversation forward”.

For example, how can I invite the woman I like right now to a cup of coffee to get to know her better and see if she suits me?

How can I build sexual tension? Is it the right time to touch her and stuff like that? You should always keep that in mind when you like the lady.

Don’t be a fool, trust your gut.

It is also important here that you may be at the beginning of the whole process and path of learning, perhaps still a lot of head, but at some point, you must have managed to trust and listen to your gut feeling!

Because that’s incredibly quick to signal to you: “Please go on, or move your ass to stay in touch with the woman.” Because 99.9 % of the women you meet in everyday situations will not suggest that you stay in contact with them, even if they really wanted to.

Here, simple, social conditioning combined with unnecessary restraint works.

Besides, it’s a male sign when you get your fat lazy ass up and ask the woman for another meeting.

Short-term situations are the rule.

Many situations on the road are very short term, more is not possible.

The bus is coming, the train is coming, the flight is coming, whatever.

Other stress, the hamster has diarrhea, the poodle has to go to the hairdresser and due to other reasons. She’s just about to have her period, the boss has just announced outsourcing and many other things where the woman is not in her head. Situations, not you, when it just doesn’t work.

You can only influence things that are within your own power and not manipulate other people. It won’t always go well and you’ll have to go through one or two emotional vibrations.

Therefore, trust your gut feeling and act accordingly! You can’t learn this overnight, it takes a bit of experience, but it happens quite quickly.

Stay tuned, talk to the girls who fascinate you in everyday life.

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