Now learn to increase your attractiveness, achieve male appearance and become more male.

Here I differentiate between two different things:

  • One is social attributes,
  • and once also biological attributes.

Biological attributes, are not really easy to change, such as your size, your eye color or even your hair color.

  • You can use dye, shoe insoles, or contact lenses. But in the end, it’s all FAKE.

Social Attributes

Are usually to be changed, such as

  • Money,
  • Status,
  • Income.

Yeah, well, start with the biological attributes.

  • First of all, make sure your diet is optimal!

The better your diet is, the fitter you are, the healthier you eat, the higher these biological attributes are, and this increases your attractiveness.

An example of this would be a carbohydrate-reduced diet.

It is gentle on your insulin level and feels really healthier!

Even I’ve lost about 20 kilos.

And through a healthy diet, I have been keeping my weight right for years, combined with some weight training.

Do sports! Get fit!

  • Sports, fitness, strength training, are easy ways to increase your attractiveness!

You will not be helped by chronic endurance sports, but you will have to grab heavy dumbbells and build up muscles.

This helps you to achieve a masculine appearance.

You should just decide what’s important to you:

Do you want to build up mass?

Hold your weight while looking more athletic?

Or do you want to lose weight?

All together, unfortunately, there must disappoint you, does not work!

Because everyone pulls during training, you also have to Adapt something to your training, and also adapt your diet, especially your daily calorie intake!

Social markers: your clothes!

Here your clothes, your interests, and also your appearance should correspond.

I, for example, love leather jacket, complete with a t-shirt, and boots.

Matching my taste in music, and yet my kind.

  • Much more important, but for you it is important that you choose your clothes so that they correspond to your body size.

Brands are not necessary, either they can afford it, then they are nothing special for you, or you try to hide emotional problems, then they don’t help you.

For example, I myself mix expensive brands that stand for quality and durability, but I also like to mix them with cheap offers, for example if they only serve the purpose of wear and tear.

In the past, for example, I didn’t really care about looks, clothes or my body.

You can also see it in several other projects, where I post old photos from the past.

Your appearance, in that point, is simply representative of your personality.

  • It’s also a sign of your self-esteem!

I’m not a business clown myself, but, for appearance, which is supposed to speak for a business occasion, it’s not about a good, at least 250 € expensive suit, which is also properly shortened, and fits your body, combined with a well-fitting shirt of the right size.

Brands, are also here, no matter, it is really much better that it fits the body measurements!

One only sees often enough that the leather shoes, look cheap, are not maintained.

The trousers of the suit are too long, because the tailor saves here, and the jacket is often too long at the sleeves.

Everything will then be tried with an expensive or Hugo Boss but anyone who sees with some skill: hereby simply trying to conceal what is not there.

Social flaw: humor!

  • Interestingly, it’s believed to be congenital.

Absolute nonsense, because you can really learn that!

I really prefer to go to people who have the same sense of humour as I do, which for me is a little more work at the beginning, but more rewarding!

Because humor is equated with creativity and intelligence.

Social flair!

I would also call this social intelligence, or social and emotional intelligence.

But I have also got to know people who do not have this social flair.

Unfortunately, it is very attractive for many women. He’s also doing well at the top level.

But trust me, it has at first glance superficial advantages, but in the long run, extreme disadvantages.

  • So if you have introverted competences, you usually notice that, for example if you can best have extremely deep conversations with a person, then use this competence!

You can then further optimise this fine feeling by having individual conversations with many people.

Your gut’s getting better.

Voice and body language!

Loud, clear voice means also here:

  • high self-esteem, and good attractiveness!

So if you have an important message, you should articulate it out loud.

Speak loudly, clearly and unambiguously!

Breathing comes from the abdomen, not the neck.

You simply notice it when your chest is humming, you have a really good adequate deep pattern which becomes very attractive and masculine.

Body language, as a sign of self-worth!

Your own ambition, external influences, are also reflected in the body language.

Negative references show themselves most quickly and most likely in body language.

  • People of high status, walking, talking, dressing, HIGH STATUS.

This status, however, is something that always has to do with a personal self-esteem!

The more important you are to yourself, the more valuable you are to yourself, the greater is your attractiveness, the more masculine is your appearance, and the more masculine you will become!

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