It can happen to anyone that you fall head over heels in love, and after a while you realize that you can no longer get along without the person.
When this is called love is left to each individual.

For the lovesickness

* Treib sport!

Sport requires discipline! You can’t think of him/her!

A lot of MTB riding helped me a lot.

* No control calls

Just no control calls to see if she’s there to hear her voice, …
I’ve never done anything like this myself, but I’m sure there are a few.
It does a) nothing at all, b) you never get rid of it and c) it annoys the others.

And that doesn’t do you any good!

* Try to stay out of her way

Hence the tip not to have any relationships at the workplace / school.
Since it takes even longer for you to forget the person.

I went after about 2, 3 months again. After half a year the story was finally forgotten. And after about 10 months you can look the person in the face again without problems and thoughts.

Important: You have to admit to yourself that it’s over! That there’s no chance you can meet her again, or get back together.
That sounds so easy now, but I know it’s pretty hard. But only if you draw a line, end the thing, and even *in yourself*, can you slowly go on living without thinking about it all the time.

* Howling’s allowed!

Forget that “you’re a man” talk. Go to bed, fill up your pillow, think about the situation, and after a short time you will feel better.

Somehow everyone’s got to let their emotions run wild, or you’re gonna burst.

* The clarifying conversation

If it’s really over, you either notice that she doesn’t want anything from you anymore, or you get it said personally, try one last conversation.
Tell her that the Zeitschoen was what you didn’t like, and don’t make a scene now!

Your life goes on!

* Distract yourself, meet friends, acquaintances
Try to think of something else.
Go out, or do something you don’t think you can do.

You can’t paint? Try it.
You can’t dance? Go to a dance class!
Discipline, fun, some work and fast she is from your thoughts and you have the head free again.
Go to bed so broken that you don’t have time and strength to think!
* A tip that I think is very good: How about a VHS course? They often offer a lot, which can also inspire you. You can meet like-minded people, meet new people, maybe friends. And you’ve got something to talk about too. It’s easier to talk.

Just one thing: Don’t go into anything like this with the hope that you’ll fall in love, find a new partner or a relationship! Don’t do it. You only give yourself unnecessary hope, get to know the people, meet friends first! Much more important at the beginning!

* When it’s over, it’s over!

If the person doesn’t want anything from you anymore, that’s the way it is, you can change it so much, you just have to accept it.

Yeah, it’s hard, very hard.
* If reading and music don’t distract you, go in front of the PC and play a computer game.
Yes, women can too!

If you think of something else, you don’t concentrate, you break 🙂
The advantage to the real event: If it doesn’t work then you won’t drive against a tree like in real sports!

* But the best, but not the easiest tip

A new love, forget the old one.

For a less complicated relationship
Although every relationship is certainly complicated, otherwise it would be boring, here are a few tips you should take to heart:

* Make misunderstandings go away immediately!

That may sound simple now. But how many times have you had and save yourself the hassle or the frustration? And now, after some time, you go to your partner and he often doesn’t even know what it was about anymore.

So: In case of problems, do something about it immediately! Whether it’s a phone call, a conversation, don’t save it under any circumstances.

And you can’t believe how relieved such a conversation or call can be!

These are not hollow proposals, take some of this to heart! Especially misunderstandings, something like that accumulates quickly and gets shot out like a volcanic eruption. Don’t even let it get to you!
There is always noise, but misunderstandings can easily be cleared up.

* No relationships in your own class / level / work center

If something goes wrong, you don’t have to see that person all day.
It may be nice to see the person every day in the hours or at work, but there can also be fierce quarrels and trouble when it breaks up.

Consider this !

* And remember, it’s often unexpected.

Don’t look for a relationship! First try to find friends, people with whom you get along well, have fun! And never get involved with the idea: I’ll find the woman of my dreams now!

* Attention on this “friends offer”!

It is either meant seriously, because she doesn’t want you as a steady friend any more, but doesn’t want to lose you as a good friend.
or it’s just an easier way to distance yourself.

* If you can, talk to a third person about it.

There are people who can listen to you, and they are happy to do so!

* Throw away everything from the person that reminds you of her

Or better yet, hide it from yourself. Otherwise, every time you look at it, you will be reminded of the person, of your feelings.

If I’m honest: I also like to listen to music that reminds me of her. Why not? Why not? You spent a lot of time with her after all. But do that not if you’re still heartbroken. That just makes it harder.

When is it really over?

* Well, I can’t answer that question very well. At the latest, when she / he has a new fixed Frend 😉
That’s for everyone to decide. Do you notice that she wants to distance herself, talk to her!
Tell her that you don’t like it, talk to your counterpart about your fear, your fears.

No one has to be there alone!
100% both will often think the same thing, talk about it, and both have one problem less!

And one more thing
A relationship is never easy, never will be and never will be. But when you think about it, you’ll have a lot of fun! And it’s really worth it, no matter how hard it may be!

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