Limiting beliefs are limiting beliefs.

Simply put, all the garbage, inside and out, that wants to keep you small, stupid and incompetent – to keep you in the social matrix and the effect of negative social conditioning through mass media and the way out.

Do you really want to hang out with people who don’t do you any good? Then check your social environment and see if you would rather have bad than no company.

The concept of polarization – this is how you make yourself authentic and unique!

What is Social Proof? What is an Ego Attachment & how you become dependent on quick successes.

How can you break through social conditioning and learn how it affects you through mass media.

And here’s some self-confidence tips for building self-esteem.

Just be yourself! Does it work? That I Am But A Nice Guy Whining:

KRITIK! Make the most of yourself, then the best women will speak to you if you are a man of value.

Why don’t you be yourself? Does that work? I say: Take it or leave it be your best yourself and find the best for you!

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Overcoming fears and letting go | Understanding and overcoming fear | Dealing with fear

Dealing with fears dealing with negative energy dealing with fears overcoming fears

Betaisation and dependence on women

Emotional addiction | Dependent on women | Self-worth through success with women

href=””>Betaization process| Putz Shaming | Poison Drip | Emasculation | Betaization of the Man

Betaization Man | Betaization process | De-mannization | Betaization of man | Betaization

compulsive gambling

Fight computer game addiction | computer game addiction escape | computer game addiction consequences

Dominance and body language

Being Dominant | Dominant Body Language | Everyday Flirt Body Posture | Body Language Everyday Flirt


What are you thankful for today? You got time for a dream? You got dreams?

pressure to succeed

Depends on success | Self-worth through success | Addiction through quick success | Master your EGO

Pressure to succeed | Dealing with pressure to succeed | Pressure to succeed with men

Understanding emotions

Frustration Aggression | Reduce Frustration | Frustration Depression | Frustration Relationship

href=””>Emotional Understanding | Emotional Vibrations | Emotional Intelligence Learning

Getting rid of negative energy Negative social environment Learning to deal with frustration


Female hatred | Misogyny | MGTOW | Frustrated men | Men hate women | Flirting by day

defeat laziness

Social mediocrity | Comfortable life | Defeat laziness | Become better in everyday flirtation

Happiness and misfortune

How am I gonna get unhappy, get unhappy, get unattractive.

Are you happy with your life? When are you happy hungry for life?

learn humour

learning humor | understanding humor | developing humor | social skills | success with women


Perfect Lifestyle | Great Lifestyle | Lifestyle and Women | Success and Women | Flirtratgeber

life tips

href=””>Tips for Life| Life Guide | Life Coaching | Life Experience | 25 Minutes Advice | 11 Tips

Lives wasted

Life wasted, fear of life, regrets things in life.

Nett does not fuck

Nice don’t fuck Niceguy Syndrome, asshole. Nice guys don’t fuck Niceguy Fuck.

DO NOT give up

Cowards miserable losers. In the end, you all come back to flirting hard.

Jealousy and envy

Envy in itself isn’t negative emotion for now. And you can use it as a simple signal that you can change something in your life otherwise! Because envy kills gratitude. But what is envy? Where do worries come from? Learn to be grateful:

jealousy fear of loss | overcoming fear of loss | fear of loss in relationships | fear of loss

What’s envy? How to be grateful and happy? How to deal with envy. Envy kills gratitude.

Understanding jealousy Understanding jealousy Women Jealousy Men Jealousy

Train your voice

href=””>Voice Training | Body Language Training | Improve Body Language | Learn to Speak

Strengthening self-confidence

Self-confidence | Building self-esteem | Self-confidence guides | Self-confidence tips

Studying at 30

Studying at 30 | Studying at 30 | Limiting Beliefs | Tips for a positive social environment

Male polarity | Female polarity

It is precisely in our society that these values have been twisted, and often masculinity with aggressive violence and femininity with weakness, stupidity and subservience – if you don’t believe it, look at advertising and news – mass media in particular are fomenting this conflict even more.

My view on: Male Polarity and Female Polarity and how you can strengthen your masculinity:

Male Polarity | Female Polarity | Strengthen Masculinity | Become More Male | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️️️️️

MGTOW German

MGTOW German | Men’s Movement | MRA German | Women’s Hatred Doesn’t Help You | Attention Women’s Hatred


Polarization in life | becoming authentic | becoming unique | polarization in flirtation


href=””>ValidationSex | Transactional Sex | Social Confirmation through Sex | External Confirmation

Sexual Hookpoint | Social Hookpoint | Learning Social Dynamics | Developing Social Intelligence

Social conditioning

Social conditioning | conditioning by mass media | danger by mass media

Social conditioning | Break through conditioning | Social conditioning Matrix

Discover talents

Discover your talents | Recognize your strengths | Find your strengths | Strengths and talents

role models

Male heroes | Male role models | Natural talents flirting | Who to learn from


Fuck no rubber, fuck no rubber, fuck no rubber, fuck condoms, fuck condoms, fuck condoms, fuck condoms, fuck condoms, fuck condoms, fuck condoms.


Learn to set goals | Learn to motivate | Learn to motivate yourself | Set and implement goals

href=””>Thinking and getting rich | Napoleon Hill | Dating Goals | Flirt Goals | Everyday Flirt Learn

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