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LMR (Last Minute Resistance) is the resistance of a woman to you at the last minute. Whether this is real or played to intensify the mood, you will often not be able to tell the difference. The boundaries are fluid.

For example, you’re already very intimate, you’re probably already in bed, you both know where it’s going to end and then the woman stops at the last second.

  • There are two types of resistance: on the one hand, there is the real, hard resistance, which is based on emotional blockades and which you can best distance yourself from as quickly as possible (you have more important things to do), and on the other hand, there is the playful resistance (you have to be able to deal with it!).

If the woman shows you such a sudden resistance, be considerate, shift down a gear, give her room, take the time for her and ask her about her motives.

Fighting against their resistance with all your might would be absolutely the wrong way.

The important thing is to get rid of the idea that this is purely due to you!

Of course, it could of course be up to you, something you just did or said or didn’t say.

However, there are also many other conceivable reasons to look for in women. Sometimes the first approach is also “too early” or “too fast” … Then you’re not a stormy guy for Gretel, are you? And Gretel, nothing for your space shirt. There you go.

Think of yourself and don’t take it all.

Make it clear to her what you want from her, where you see yourself with her and don’t let her push you into the corner of a good buddy.

In order to avoid any possible resistance, you can also pay attention to your choice of words.

For example, coaches recommend the phrase “I find it so hard not to kiss”.

This signals that you would like to kiss her very much, but are still a little insecure and have respect for the thing itself as well as for her.

It may even be possible to avoid an LMR (Last Minute Resistance).

But in the end, it’s manipulation. If it’s OK with you – use the right words. Live with the consequences (“I didn’t want this, but he has…”) .


Keep moving. Yeah, keep moving. It’s not getting any better.

last minute resistance

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