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Today I would like to address the issue of polarities among men and women, who are by no means easy to generalise.

It is precisely in our society that these values have been twisted, and often masculinity with aggressive violence and femininity with weakness, stupidity and subservience – if you don’t believe it, look at advertising and news – mass media in particular are fomenting this conflict even more.

My view on: Male Polarity and Female Polarity and how you can strengthen your masculinity.

For example, men are often equated with dominance and leadership, while women are calmer and gentler characters who want to be led.

Of course, men and women have some polarities from the beginning, i.e. of biological origin, and these are also socially reinforced in development (social conditioning).

Not to be underestimated are cultural aspects, regions, continents.

But these gender-specific polarities are much more blurred, since every human carries both principles within himself. More or less.

Female and male polarities always see themselves as complementary to each other, also as complementary to each other.

  • So if you are looking for a certain type of woman, for example you want a feminine woman with gentle traits, then urgently evaluate her nature and behaviour detached from the respective social and cultural context.

For example, a person will not behave in the same way in his professional life as in his private life.

It is important to become aware of which traits one carries within oneself, which one should also urgently live out.

I don’t mean the traits you have, because society expects it from a certain gender, but the principles that are really pure of you. come from.

Only in this way is it possible to find the right partner for you in the long term, where the polarity also suits you.

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