Discover today the Man Consciousness Test of Orlando Owen. Orlando Owen’s Man Consciousness is the most successful course of the German-American manhood coach Orlando Owen. Buy here.

What is there

Man Consciousness Test

This course provides content about masculinity, becoming a man, forgiveness from the father, success with women and general success in life.

The course includes over 35 hours of video material, divided into over 100 videos and 20 modules. There is also plenty of additional material available.

This also includes an interactive online program in which modules are gradually activated so that you have a course that lasts around 19 months. This division helps to get to know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses and to work intensively on them.

This also includes the emotional side, which deals above all with the father-son problem and how it can be overcome. Download here.

Masculinity and success among women Women

Furthermore, there are also topics that deal with masculinity itself. So what constitutes masculinity and how it can be integrated into life in a positive way in order to enter into successful interaction with oneself, with others and with women.

Interactive Course


The interactivity of the course also allows you to join Facebook groups to interact with others, ask questions or receive exercises that make the course easier.

Each module contains exercises and detailed explanations on the respective topics covered in the corresponding module. The exercises are explained in detail so that one is guided safely through them.

There is also a questionnaire at the beginning of the course. This includes questions about your expectations of the course, questions about your self-confidence and about becoming a man.

At the beginning the processes of becoming a man are discussed and how they are properly integrated to help to get ahead in life.


The questions in the questionnaire will also be answered during the course to identify problems, strengths and weaknesses and to work on them in a targeted way in order to get the best out of them.

father-son relationship

A central element of the course is the father-son relationship and thus reconciliation with one’s own father. For reconciliation with the Father means reconciliation with oneself. Download here.
bottom line
Man Consciousness Orlando Owen

The course conveys a positive attitude to life and more success in partnerships, friendships, profession through the strengthening of manhood. So I’m sure my man-consciousness test helped you get excited about the product. In any case, also watch the video!

The seminar offers a perfect introduction to dealing with the topic of masculinity and to to pave the way for a successful life. Man Consciousness of Orlando Owen here.

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Man Consciousness Test
Man Consciously Being Test
Man Conscious Being
Man Consciously Being Orlando Owen

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