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Germany is a country where there is no real flirt culture and where body language and expressive representations of flirt signals tend to be suppressed.

Sooner or later you will be involved in a conversation in which you do not receive any signals from your counterpart. Doing what?

It is then important to pay attention to the following:

1. pay attention to your condition

Not only the physical signals of the woman decide how the conversation develops.

Take care of yourself and see what your gut tells you.

  • Emotions: How do you feel about the situation? Male? Strong? Victim or loser?
  • Objective logic: What do you think of the woman? Are you bored looking for other options?

Just don’t think you are. The same can happen to the woman in many dates.

Then lead the situation accordingly in the direction in which you would like it to run.

The woman will make it clear to you in due time what she is ready for and what she is not.

2. situational context

If the lady has already spent some time with you, you can assume that there is something positive about you that attracts her.

Then do something about it! Demonstrate your erotic interest in her. But also assume that you can get one or the other direct or indirect rejection.

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