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Age difference relationship is a problem for you? These are Limiting Beliefs – false beliefs that keep you from doing and being and ultimately also from your happiness.

Of these misleading opinions there are unfortunately a lot, also in terms of dating and love, for example the leading themes such as looks, money and age, the search for old man young woman confirms this.

Of course, some biological factors simply cannot be changed, such as body size.

But what good is a stately height of 1.90 m for you, for example, if all your social skills are lacking? Empathy, willpower, gut feeling, empathy, NO saying?

You can change other things like hair color, hair length, body measurements etc. – you have it in your hand.

And then there is the superstition that you only get to know pretty women with the appropriate money in your account.


The right women want to get to know you, money doesn’t matter here (for now).

And then there’s the age, the opinion that once you’re over 35, the train has left.

That’s bullshit too.

Talk about power and energy, that’s what matters.

And here you are again in demand: Eat healthy, do sports and keep yourself so fit, get vitamin D and stay outside in nature (and not only at home in your own four walls) and keep your hands off cigarettes and unnecessary lots of alcohol.

Conclusion: Not the supposedly important factors (Limiting Beliefs) have the reins in the hand, but your game decides!

Game, i.e. the social competence to bring interactions forward (e.g. getting to know a woman), independent of the biological factors that you cannot change (e.g. height).

  • So the bottom line is, make the most of yourself. maximiereso your personal game!

In this sense, do not only enjoy your youthfulness, but enjoy your life and always make the best of it. Then an older man can also be happy with a younger woman!

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