Basics Of Authentic Male Power Orlando Owen

Basics Of Authentic Male Power Orlando Owen

Special trainers also get a special recommendation from me. ORLANDO OWEN is for me the No. 1 on the topics of self-esteem, masculinity and becoming a man and also gives seminars in Germany.

How do I know Orlando Owen? Who’s Orlando? What’s he doing?

First to my experiences and with himself:

I met Orlando for the first time in Frankfurt in 2010. Also at that time with the Orlando Owen ball exercise known to many of his friends and coaching participants.

What’s the bullet drill? This is a special form of Trance & Meditation with which you can neutralize bad emotions, blockades or negative states in your life.

Yes, I had also done this exercise at that time and negative emotions also came up in me, which were lastingly given back to the universe – you felt incredibly good afterwards!

Back then, in 2010 in Frankfurt, it was such a small round. I think we were like five people, that’s all.

More important than the exercise, however, and even more important, is the presence Owen felt and felt at the time, as a coach, as a trainer, as a mentor.

If you are looking for someone who is authentic, who is present, who is there, you are right with him. And you feel this passion and mission not only at seminars, but also in his products.

What I can recommend to you is his product. href=””>Real Male Championship.

As an introduction I recommend the product:

His product is brand new:

Do you want to make crystal clear decisions, these with brutal certainty? Then look at this:

Do you want to get better at sex? Then learn women to sexually exercise test, using the counselor sexual training from Orlando Owen:

And my personal favorite is:

Dein Flirtcoach München

Training, Infos, Seminare:

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