What is the Orlando Owen bullet exercise? And how were my bullet practice experiences?

The ball exercise is a special form of Trance & Meditation with which you can neutralize bad emotions, blockades or negative states in your life.

The bullet exercise is a proven method to solve inner blockades, problems, difficulties, armour.

What’s the bullet drill?

The ball exercise is a tool with the help of which (unconscious) topics, such as envy or envy, can be solved permanently.

Through the exercise one learns to let go of negative emotions, to banish them cleanly from the cell level, whereby one will no longer be able to feel these negative emotions in the future.

Which personality traits change through the ball exercise?

Personality traits don’t change with the bullet exercise.

Rather, layers are changed between your true personality (I) and your outwardly projected I (ego).

A layer represents a mask that serves as a protective mechanism, for example.

The more layers are loosened, the more your real self comes out.

So in the end, you don’t become someone else, you finally become yourself.

In the video you will learn more details about the bullet exercise.

Also in the courses Orlando goes even more into these exercises. Check out the following reviews from Orlando.

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