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Today it’s all about the friend zone.

How’d you get in there? How do you get out of there? Why did you even get into this?

What’s the friend zone?

A friend zone is a situation where a person would like to have a deeper bond with another person, but the other person is quite satisfied with a platonic friendship.

What can be the reasons for this?

Sometimes a woman just doesn’t want you to be a lover, but a buddy instead. Sometimes as a man you don’t want a “side adventure” when you’re in a relationship. You know what I mean?

From time to time the reasons are not always to be found in oneself, but simply in the other person.

Perhaps a love affair does not fit into her life at the moment because she has other plans, for example a year abroad?

How can I get out?

The best thing you can do is not get into a situation like this.

But if this is already too late, have the courage and speak plainly.

Be honest with the person, show physical closeness or talk openly about your wishes.

  • Don’t live in the hope that one day it will click on her.

It can’t be easy to make friends with women whom you also have a sexual interest in.

Go out and meet other girls instead! Yeah, ready.

stay friends
Let’s stay friends.
out of the friendzone
best friends zone
friend zone

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