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Today we are talking about exaggerated expectations that may prevent you from addressing women.

In addition, I would like to prepare you for the exemplary situations that may occur when you speak to a girl in everyday life.

1. don’t expect too much from a conversation

Get rid of the expectation of getting a phone number right away.

A nice conversation can also be worth a lot.

And every interaction, no matter how long or short, strengthens your already non-existent social competence – especially as a man. And don’t tell me that years of computer gambling have helped you to reach women effortlessly now.

2. Be prepared that she’s in a relationship

You finally summarized your courage and spoke to the girl?

It can happen that she makes it clear to you right away that she has no interest or is already in a relationship.

3. distance

It can also be good that it turns out during the conversation that your chosen one does not live in your immediate surroundings, but much further away.

4. lesbian

In addition, it is possible that the woman you like is a woman of her own and therefore has no interest in you.

Five. You’re not her type.

Big, small, short, fat, thin… Sometimes you’re not the kind of guy a woman sexually loves. And honestly, you don’t speak to every woman, no matter what she looks like!

bottom line

As you can see, there are so many conceivable situations that can arise when you speak to a lady.

If you notice that the conversation just doesn’t get going, just move on.

Free yourself from too much pressure and just have fun.

The most important thing is: Do authentic things and only things that you enjoy.

Lead regular Conversations!

This is the only way to reduce possible fears and learn how to overcome social phobias.

abbreviated form

  • How exaggerated expectations of dating keep you from responding, anxiety & social phobia
  • Overcoming fear | Overcoming social phobia | Addressing fear of women

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