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In most pick up books different flirting phases are described.

For the recipient this often seems as if one has to go through these phases step by step in the same way to finally get the key to the magic casket.

But that’s not the case. Women are not a car that can be repaired according to the manual…

It is much more the case that the individual phases appear at some point in the entire process, but their sequence and occurrence are flexible and overlaps are also possible.

Always have the big picture in mind:

For example, in the beginning it is not only a question of obtaining telephone numbers, but much more:

  • Where could the woman go later?
  • Do you like her?
  • Do you find her attractive?

Then don’t just get the phone number, but ask her concretely if she would like to have a drink with you.

Look how much is possible.

Try to spend as much time as possible with the woman, because the longer she knows you, the more she trusts you.

So don’t stick to any rigid phases, just see for yourself how far you can go.

So you see. You can, if you want, divide flirting into phases. But, these things will appear stronger or weaker in one place or another.

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