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Physical distance or physical closeness on your dates?

Opinions are divided here.

One group is of the opinion that up to a certain point at which one has got to know one another better, one should first maintain physical distance, while the other group is of the opinion that touching is part of getting to know one another and should be started as early as possible.

My personal opinion here is that it all depends on the situation, the woman and above all on your gut feeling and that you should therefore detach yourself from social expectations.

Yeah, well, for the first few seconds, you shouldn’t go right around the woman’s neck.

However, if the conversation goes well and you feel like touching the woman in some way, getting a few inches closer or even kissing her later, try your luck.

The woman will let you know whether she would like this or whether she prefers physical distance, at least for the time being.

If she shows a defense, take another step back and respect her decision.

Maybe she had a bad day, the situation just doesn’t fit etc..

All reasons are conceivable here.

Whether physical distance or rather touch, you should decide that solely from the situation and your gut feeling.

Touching women flirting?

Gut feeling? For beginners, however, this is not sufficiently pronounced to know when or how to touch a woman correctly or not. I don’t have the sensitivity.

So I advise every dating freshman Leave your fingers with you and try not to imitate what you found on YouTube. They are very experienced boys – and the participants had good teachers too.

Learn to speak to women in everyday life for the first time ever and consult the experience of an experienced coach. Later, when you have mastered the basic tools, he can teach you step by step when or how to touch a woman correctly.

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