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If you’re always trying to run after other people, you’re gonna go around in circles.

This sentence addresses the concept of polarization and describes very well how important it is to be true to yourself instead of swimming with the current and learning to be authentic.

The concept of polarization means bringing out character traits, attitudes, clothing, looks, etc., whereby you are always aware that you will simply snap at some people.

So some people won’t like the hobbies you pursue, the music you listen to, the way you dress, the way you talk, etc.

In my opinion, however, the worst thing you can do to yourself is to be a follower – if, for example, you don’t have your own opinion, have no boundaries, cannot say no.

You lose yourself and become one of many instead. You become a foreign-controlled consumer without opinion, experience or will.

How do I become unique dating?

Authentic and congruent: But it’s precisely that which doesn’t correspond to the mainstream that makes you look authentic, makes you masculine, and ultimately brings you forward with women.

Many miserable pickup advisors will give you advice on this, but they will make you look like an ice-cold wall and make you unreactive.

In polarization, it is always important to show social intelligence and to remain authentic. It takes experience. Also to accept a no and 2 steps back, then 1 step forward.

Make yourself aware of the fact that you will certainly be offended a few times, but this is also a good thing, because only in this way can you see that you have remained true to yourself and are polarizing.

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