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This article is about the book Praise of Sexism by Lodovico Satana is a book that will help you to better understand, seduce and retain women, abbreviated as LdS (remember this better!). Buy at Amazon.

What’s the book about?

Praise of Seximus

Again such a cool German title, whereby I have to say, it is not so extremely blatantly Germanized – because it is just an original German book – to somehow arouse publicity, PR and sales. Still – it is a fantastic book, what really everyone should read at the beginning of school.

And to take the wind out of your sails: The book simply has nothing to do with or by, against or for sexism. Buy at Amazon.

Not the usual pickup books junk Pickup

I had once shot a video in the past, it was about PU literature in general, also my opinion about pickup literature, if you want to know exactly, look at the video:

This book is really all about the pure seduction, dating, seduction theme, girls, relationships, no matter what and not this usual pickup shit with routines and spacko abbreviations of the WOW nerds!

What do I like about the book

What I simply like about it is that I think it’s a standard book that every guy should get their hands on when they’re on their way to meeting women. Here are some Things in it that simplify your life, save you a lot of time. I know, a little bit in general, a little bit in general, then we’ll come to the important thing right away, don’t worry.

You will learn things in it that will save you time, that will also save you a lot of head and stress. If you read this, apply it to what your experiences are, or read this and see if this is a current problem.

Let’s take an example.

A very well-known example is the topic betaization. The praise of sexism betaization thus allows itself to be seen as a creeping process, where women in good German turn you into “Wauwau” and puppies and push you into a nice-guy role. They don’t do that consciously, they don’t do that to annoy you, they do that because that’s the way they are.

And that happens because as a man you simply become lazy and comfortable, give up your power because you no longer feel like taking responsibility.

It’s actually a relationship binding process, but it’s called betaization here in the book because you’re missing some alpha moves bit by bit. Very beautifully described in the book.


Next important chapter, which is also found in the book, is this concept LSE and HSE. I explained that to you in the video:

LSE are women with a crooked self-esteem or women with a broken, non-existent self-esteem. Your mirror side, so to speak, which you look at.

Not all women are equal slutty, not all are equal disturbed. I think that’s a little black-and-white thinking I’m not so attached to. I think, as a guy, if you have a certain number of women, you realize in no time whether you are not comfortable with a woman, or whether you are really fascinated in a woman so that there is no I’m sure there’s a lot more paper between you two. And then it’s not a lack of self-esteem or LSE, it’s just a healthy relationship.

social proof

Certain techniques are described here, such as Social Proof. I’m not a fan of the Social Proof concept because I think – what happens if there is no one around you?

What if I’m alone at the Aldi’s cash register? Can I talk to a woman then? Or do I need three homies around me so I can have my social proof and some bought models who go left and right into the club with me?

That social proof at least works to get attention – no question. That social proof works in a way that makes women talk to you – a bit different topic. In the end I say if it helps you – cool, but always remember, if it’s not there anymore, you might have a little trouble.

How do I get to the date

Then it is also described how you get to the date at all, how you make an approach at all.

bottom line

It’s really an excellent book, the author should actually write a second book. Perhaps on the basis of his own experience. A standard work about dating, seduction and appealing to women. In plain English, spend money, buy or borrow. That’s the way it is.

Order LDS from Amazon

I can warmly recommend this book to others because it gives a good overview of how to seduce, understand and retain women and always supports these topics with practical examples.

On the one hand it describes what men have to pay attention to in order to be attractive to women, but on the other hand the logic of women is also addressed precisely and comprehensibly (Nice Guy Syndrome).

But also other topics such as LSE (Frauen The book addresses HSE (women with high self-esteem) and the sexual drive and suitability for relationships, explains them in detail and also explains their origins.

In addition, certain tools of seduction are introduced in this book.

Conclusion: Praise for Lodovico Satana’s sexism is finally a dating book of a different kind.

Here it is unique that both male and female polarities are treated.

It’s also outstanding that this book is a great guidebook from a man’s point of view on how to master everyday situations (for example, when a woman is the drama queen again).

Order LDS from Amazon

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