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Today it’s about SMV (Sexual Market Value) and SMP (Sexual Market Place), concepts based on Rollo Tomassi’s book The Rational Male and not my own idea. In German, that means sexual market value.

  • According to Rollo Tomassi, girls at the age of 22 plus minus 2 years have their sexual market value peak.
  • From the end of the twenties respectively the beginning of the thirties it unfortunately stops.

For men, the opposite is true of the sexual market value.

At around 22, men have virtually no market value, as they are only on their way to becoming successful and therefore attractive. Finance, education, business, revenue. Points necessary for a stable relationship and a family with children. If this is missing, safety is lacking. No growth without security.

With 30 years approximately (to approximately 40 years) however the market value rises immensely, while that of the women constantly sinks.

This also explains the phenomenon of why slightly older men prefer slightly younger women.

This is unfortunately a somewhat disappointing truth, but with sport and healthy eating you manage to maximize your sexual market value loosely by a few years.

Interesting for me is that the sexual market value of men is considered here economically (security striving of a woman with intelligent desire to have children without having to give up the child as fast as possible). This is contrasted with the sexual market value of women in external matters: what men are into.

  • Male and female: Just accept it. Women: Keep attractive, take care of your body (smoking, alcohol, antibiotics, synthetic contraception).
  • Men: Take care of your financial foundation, keep your body well groomed.

There you go.

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