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Today we will talk about speed dating and a few tips.

First of all I want to tell you: Throw all prejudices overboard and try Speed Dating.

Not just once, but at least two or three times, so that you can really get a picture of it.

1. costs and timeframe

Speed dating costs about 20 euros and takes about an hour.

Usually you can look forward to 7 to 8 girls, which means about 7 to 8 minutes per meeting.

2nd audience

There are different age groups for the business events.

In my experience, the ladies will be very well dressed, as they are hoping for something from this meeting.

Unfortunately I could not claim this from the men present (me and buddies excluded).

So please take this as an opportunity to prepare yourself nicely for this evening.

You can appear both in a suit, and casually in jeans and a shirt or in comfortable trousers and T-shirt, here are usually no Dresscodes given.

Make sure you still look well-groomed, though.

3rd Location

Usually speed dating takes place in a bar.

The volume of the music then decides whether you can talk there or not and makes the location a good or less suitable location.

4. a little flirting experience should be

Speed Dating will only be something for you if you are already a bit experienced in flirting – or in other words: you are not in short supply, but have opportunities to meet enough women: and according to experience.

Only if you are familiar with the process of getting to know each other, you will also feel comfortable with speed dating and thus also recognize for yourself which women you are you think is great at all.

On the other hand, you may not be able to interpret the woman’s signals as to how they relate to you.

5. think about interesting topics beforehand

Often I have noticed that the girls are quite exhausted even after a few rounds. Average competitors, bad drinks, long sitting and loud music. All factors that can be AGAINST you. And there are also boring topics similar to a job interview.

Does the conversation usually begin again and again with the same question “Who are you? Where did you come from? What are you doing?” it is somehow understandable.

  • So think about a few interesting topics in advance.

You will not only score by variety, you can also learn more about the ladies than just the superficial aspects.

For example, you could ask her what time she would fly to if she could travel back in time or what superpowers she would like.

For example, you can get great inspirations from the book The Perfect Conqueror of Plaster.

6. success rate

Don’t expect to speak directly to all women equally.

Pi times thumb one can say, will be approximately per evening 1 to 2 women with it, which could please you.

The situation is the same the other way round.

So go into this evening openly and loosely and without rigid expectations.

7. conclusion

Try it anyway.

Personally I see the 20 Euro “entrance fee” better invested in the entrance of a club, where you can address the girls you really like directly and where there is no time limit of one hour.

Or a Red Bull, a pack of strawberries and a bus ticket to the local mall. Streetgame is an effective way to find the woman of your dreams.

Summarized: Speed Dating is not a cheaper and time effective way to meet girls you might like.

It is nevertheless a somewhat different atmosphere far away from the usual everyday situations and a new way of getting into conversation with ladies.

Therefore a piece of advice: Try it out and see for yourself if it is something for you.

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