Pierre Stimmenthaler deals in his work with the everyday flirt formula, how to address or even attract women in everyday life in a natural way, without any routines at all, and thus get to know them. Download here*.

It forces the reader to go into himself once, to identify problems and to work on himself.

  • It offers a wide range of services for this purpose, such as a punchiness register, numerous examples as well as conversation processes, a step-by-step guide for a first conversation, etc.

My tip: Get the best version with the audiobook, because it feels 10 times more detailed than the ebook itself.

The theoretical knowledge can thus be received flexibly.

If you really want to work on yourself, go through this book step by step.

It is best to read or listen to a chapter every day and then spend a few minutes interacting with 2 to 3 women.

So you will certainly be successful in everyday flirting and can already achieve great progress after a few days. Download here*.

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everyday flirtation formula

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