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Today is about the topic: Textgame.

  • First of all: I am not a big friend of long flirting at SMS or Whatsapp.

In my opinion it is always better to either talk to the woman in person or at least to make a phone call. It just builds up more emotion! And: You can also find out much faster whether the woman suits you and you suit her!

Sometimes, however, it cannot be avoided and a flirt message must be written.

Then what does it matter?

1. have no fear of possible rejection

Screw down your expectations and also reckon with a possible basket or an indirect rejection “The week won’t.”

You should not be afraid of a possible rejection in the first place.

Please don’t make the mistake and just don’t report to the girl for fear of rejection.

She gave you her number and she’s waiting for you to call!

2. get to the point

If you then write a message to the woman, it’s best to keep it short and don’t beat about the bush.

Ask her what her week looks like, suggest a concrete day with the info what you have in mind.

So she can adjust directly to it.

You have a lot to do, your time is important to you. There you go. And if you are, you work in front of the computer a lot every day anyway. You don’t want 2 hours of text games and news either, do you?

3. accept a no

If you have already made some suggestions, but the woman never has time and brings no alternative, then stay true to yourself and let it be good at some point.

Likewise, flakes, ladies who don’t react to you at all, are completely normal.

Four. Prepare yourself.

See that you’re a little practiced at speaking to women.

Why don’t you just grab a piece of paper and lay down some Ideas about how to address a woman in a particular situation.

So you can prepare yourself a little and prevent your nervousness.

5. the ideal time

It is best to write to her a few hours after the number exchange, for example that you were very happy to get to know her.

The next day you can suggest a meeting.

With these tips you should succeed in having a good text game, be it via SMS or Whatsapp. You don’t need a routine. In most cases you should have already shown so much of yourself to the person when getting the number that the woman knows who you stand for in the rough and for what you stand.

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