Discover the Law of Conquest test today. The law of conquest of Maximilian Pütz shows you elementary flirting techniques to multiply your success with women.

In this article I want to introduce you to the new book by Pütz “The Law of Conquest”. It’s one of those books I can recommend to you without hesitation. Which practically covers the whole range of tips and advice and meaningful possibilities on how to get to know a woman, how to fascinate a woman for yourself and how to find fascinating women. Buy the law of conquest here at Amazon.

The law of conquest

The law of conquest

For whom is the law of conquest suitable?

If you’re a beginner, if you’re new to it, if you’ve just had a relationship, if you’re generally getting to know women, or if you don’t have the relationship life you want and you want to get to know several women, be a little insecure or want to find out where your weak points are, take a look, it costs nine euros. Really, I think it’s a great price nine euros, it does nothing wrong and a lot right, it’s pretty cool that so much knowledge and so much experience is bundled in the book. Buy the law of conquest here at Amazon.

Equal rights in flirting

So, these democratic principles of our society that are tried to crush social conditioned purely, that work dating, not love life. Pütz opposes it, but it’s not such an extremely negative keynote, but you’ll get a little thought into it and a few things also got me thinking. Because “doing everything for the women (-EN!)” may sound good, and many girls like it, but in most cases it’s un-attractive – because it comes from a role of sacrifice and failure: Namely that as a man you offer your helpfulness in the vague hope of getting sex for it. It’s called neediness. Neediness is unsexy!

So, yet a few points are then addressed, as I said, this self-criticism, but also social criticism, belongs, I think, to such a book, because some stories simply have to be reflected. Buy the law of conquest here at Amazon.

Experience in books

The law of conquest test

The Law of Conquest Test

Pütz combines the book from his experience as a coach, but also scientifically through experience or even literature of others. There’s, for example, an appendix in the back and a lot of used literature and also a lot of notes where you can read something if you’re more interested in some studies.

I give you quite exciting example, what was new for me, something like mirror neurons, i.e. you can let the mood of someone else on the basis of gestures and facial expressions just appropriate to you also work, record. That’s a concept I thought, huh, Has it been around long?

If you have an emotion that you want to awaken in other people, then you should first feel the emotion in yourself. “Motion creates emotion” Tony Robbins principle.

In any case, this principle has even been scientifically proven by doing research on primates. Exciting, huh? And we don’t differ that much, we have less hair than monkeys. Okay, some people have a little more hair left. Buy the law of conquest here at Amazon.

bottom line

Look, fetch. A lot of input in it, a lot of experience in it. Also many Limiting Beliefs are destroyed in this way: age, for example, career, income, etc. Even scientifically proven, for example, this well-known age difference, he de facto plays no role in getting to know offline, but can already play a role in getting to know online.

Well, I think I’ve told enough. Look at it, I also put it as a link below, because I find it very recommendable, especially as an introduction to the world of seduction of women. Buy the law of conquest here at Amazon.

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Buy the law of conquest here at Amazon.

The law of conquest
The law of conquest test
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