If you are looking for a soulful relationship, a deep connection that many people could call “soul mates” is possible. It’s also up to you in many ways.

You may not have found the “One” or the “One” yet, because you simply did not open up for the right connections. There may be people in your life who could be good long-term partners, but you may not even notice them.

More often than not, you may not reach the desired target group because there is a discrepancy between who you really are and what you show to the outside world. To win a deep relationship, you have to:

1) Stop hiding your true self.

Do you keep people at a distance because you’re afraid of getting hurt? Do you have a false self that you show to people because you are afraid that they would judge your true self? You can’t expect to gain a deep relationship if people can’t see the real you. It’s impossible.

2) Be more accessible.

Be honest with me. Go out of your way, even if it means that some people will reject you. You will need to be rejected by some people if you ever want to find people who love you as you are.

3) Understand that Disney princess movies are not real life.

That may sound condescending. They might say, “Duh, I know these movies aren’t real life!” Maybe you know that consciously, but how did the media subconsciously influence you? Many of us are unsatisfied with every important aspect of our lives – from finances to our love lives – because of the ridiculous expectations of the media. This does not mean that you need to lower your expectations; it just means that you have to separate yourself from the fantasy you’ve been served up all your life.

4) Approach many people. You can have multiple soul mates.

You never know who’s right for you. So don’t start by overly restricting your requirements. Instead of waiting for someone to show up, be active and open about your intentions. Tell people you’re looking for someone. You can’t expect gold to fall from the sky and fly towards you. Go to dates. Make contact with others and find friends who might turn into something else.

Be aware that you like deep relationships and are not looking for superficial games. Those with a similar mindset are more easily attracted to you.

5) Release your attachment to certain results.

The root of need (which discourages people like nothing else) is tied to certain results. If you urgently need someone to be your soul mate, marry you, or be with you forever, poison the relationship. It seems counterintuitive, but the deepest, most long-lasting relationships have a healthy distance. A good relationship in which people are emotionally close is very different from the obsessive closeness of a co-dependent relationship.

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