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Where do I know him from? What’s my experience with him like?

True Männliche Championship

First of all to my experiences and my story with himself:

I met him for the first time in Frankfurt in 2010. Also at that time with the ball exercise known to many of his friends and coaching participants.

What is this exercise? This is a special form of Trance & Meditation with which you can neutralize bad emotions, blockades or negative states in your life.

I don’t want to go into this ball exercise myself now, because that would really go beyond the scope of this test…

Nevertheless: The bullet exercise is a proven method to solve inner blockades, problems, difficulties, armour.

Yes, I had also done this exercise at that time and negative emotions also came up in me, which were lastingly given back to the universe – you felt incredibly good afterwards!

Back then, in 2010 in Frankfurt, it was such a small round. I think we were like five people, that’s all.

More important than the exercise, however, and even more important, is the presence Owen felt and felt at the time, as a coach, as a trainer, as a mentor.

If you are looking for someone who is authentic, who is present, who is there, you are right with Orlando. And you feel this passion and this mission not only at seminars, but also in its products. Click here to download.

Manhood and manhood!

True Männliche Championship Test

But what do closed people imagine by masculinity or manhood? Football, farts, burps, booze and women! By no means is this the essential core, neither of this program, nor of other seminars.

What’s actually worse is how masculinity is portrayed today: Male presence, masculinity or dominance is often tried to make ridiculous, to shame, to devalue.

But if we are now on socio-critical topics: female traits are also criticized, embarrassed, and portrayed as weak. Masculinity is regarded as an image of the enemy, just as it is to eradicate femininity, and to put an end to it as not desirable. But you don’t believe how incredibly powerful a woman can be when she is solid in her femininity!

A society without male and female polarity? Then what would we have left? Men who have been exposed to the feminine, and women who have been exposed to the feminine? A neutralized, blind and emotionally cold society But let’s stick to the topic of this article!

What’s the way to becoming an authentic man?

The program can explain the following to you:

  • The way to become a better man. More presence, more masculinity, more authority, more mission and vision in life. More self-determination, more self-esteem. To learn to set personal limits, no longer to be the plaything of your personal emotions… And of course much more. Clearly to male self-confidence and self-worth.

How is the program structured?

True Männliche Championship Test Report

As an introduction there is a coaching program where you will be asked questions. These prepare you mentally.

Imagine it as if you were getting homework sent to you by e-mail. Spread over the next days, weeks and months. They accompany you not only during the program, but also on your way to more yourself.

What does the program cover?

And dedicate yourself first to your weaknesses! Based on the response to individual parts of the program, you can tell whether you should work on one or the other topic!

It covers your weaknesses in dating, seduction, self-esteem, charisma, presence, dominance, professional success and more.

It explains to you how you can develop on the way to a better man and what has to be considered.

Interestingly enough, I first felt the strongest response on the subject of my career: What are my talents and strengths?

I then bought 2 recommended books about talents & strengths and got deeper into the subject. Click here to download.

Visualization and the law of attraction!

I didn’t think so! At the end of the seminar there was a program course dealing with the topics of manifestation and success.

I am a strong supporter of faith and visualization and send desires to the universe which is, of course, religious.

For some, that might be a little hocus-pocus. For me it has become experienced and felt reality. “You attract what you are,” I’m just saying.

In this part of the seminar he explained and took up the topic “The Secret” or “Law Of Attraction” again in great detail. The universe laughs about your schedule and deadlines :).

How do I visualize correctly?

If you want to visualize and manifest success correctly: pay attention to the kind of emotional vibrations you are in right now.

Are you somehow devastated, in a bad mood, depressed and wanting wealth? Not a good idea!

Then perhaps in the most extreme case the wealth comes through illness from a distant relative. This warning sounds simple, but must be expressed. “Watch what you wish for!”

With the “Law Of Attraction” it depends on which emotional state you are in right now. Don’t worry, you’ll get a full explanation at the seminar. I even watched it twice! To the product.

What focus does he have in his trainings?

I’ll explain it very simply:

  • “Clean yourself up first, grow on yourself first, accept yourself first, face your emotions and master them, face your frustrations and then you become a better, more mature man on the process. And you will then put on what you are and deserve and deserve. And that is when the universe thinks it’s up to you – not yourself.”

How detailed is the program? Is it for everyone’s man?

The seminar definitely made for everyone! Whether 20 or 40, whether personal frustrations or fears, obeying greater satisfaction in life is desired, everyone finds himself here again!

Additional material! Fill in the questionnaire!

True Männliche Championship Orlando Owen

In any case, do the questionnaire provided. Of course it takes a while, of course, but you also want to develop as a man. So invest this time!

Then just take a look and see if there is anything that resonates with you, where your personal difficulties and problems are.

By the way

Click here for the video: .

And I have a whole list of Magick Male products from Orlando Owen for you! Grandios is e.g. women sexually training.

But now on to the masterpiece!

What are my True Male Championship experiences with the accessory material?

I’ll give you an example of the questionnaire:
“Do you have any idea of what terms like “purpose in life”, “intention” and “fulfillment” mean and why they are so essential to a man’s life?”

Exactly these topics are addressed in the seminar! He goes into what happens or what lesson you actually have from it when you try for yourself to find the vision & mission in life. So look for your purpose in life.

Without a purpose in life, you don’t know what you want or who you are, what your Bordering. This is not only evident in the private environment, it is also reflected in the topic of dating or relationships with women.

The chapter: Mystery woman.

“Mystery woman,” that’s what they call it in class… It explains to you why, for example, you give your power to women, why you think you are not worth enough to get to know XYZ women or to speak to them. It’s all about your self-esteem as a man.

How extensive is the course?

True Männliche Championship Magic Monuments

The course includes 8 chapters and lasts about 20 hours. Terrific, isn’t it?

I even learned that feminism is something that men invented, not women. If you don’t believe it, just research it.

Rockefeller meant something like that: “Women do not pay taxes, they consume little. Then we simply invent something in such a way that they should also seek their fulfilment in life in the area of consumption and then we earn even more as industrial magnates. ”

Away from feminism, towards other themes: Use this course to really take a look and find out what blind spots, those blind points you may not see or want to see, you have: what traits of your personality block you? What fears and frustrations do you have to face to grow as a man?

You can simply go through these step by step in the seminar and take a look: Is there maybe something I could work with?

You take the course as a step-by-step guide to see if you want to improve things in your life.



Do you often not feel masculine and are you seldom noticed by men and women?

Do you occasionally have the feeling that very pretty women play in a different league than yourself?

Do you often feel that you are simply not balanced as a human being and as a man?

Do you always have drama (with women) in your life and the word “bitch” is unfortunately in your regular vocabulary?

Do you feel like you’re giving up your power as a man in life
and lead a life of alien control, like a matrix?

Can’t you just stop your negative thoughts or do you even have to numb them with disease-causing drugs?

Do you always seek the approval and recognition of external persons?

Does your self-esteem depend on the reactions of women and others?

Do you feel like you’re not even gonna show up on women’s radar?

Do you feel without a clear life vision?

The reason for all these problems? You have not mastered the elementary themes of your masculinity!

Conclusion: True Male Championship Experience

So, I think I’ve praised the class enough, don’t you? I really enjoyed looking at it, learning from it, taking a lot with me and looking at some of it again, so that I can go deeper into my personal challenges.

If you say: “Hey, I want more, I want more existence, I want more presence, I want to see where I could come forward in my life, …” then click here and get to True Male Mastery.

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