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IOIs (Indicators of Interest) are physical signals from a woman that show you that she values your closeness positively.

IODs (Indicators of Disinterest) describe the opposite in the form of a negative attitude.

double edge

However, these physical flirt signals are very double-edged and difficult to understand, as women also unconsciously bring them with them.

But there are also many cultural differences that can lead to false assumptions.

There are also some women who would like to check their market value and throw IOIs around.

On the other hand, there are also women who hardly distribute IOIs and are totally interested in you.

bottom line

As you can see, you can also do a lot wrong with the IOIs.

They can be a good help to interpret the lady’s intention, but please don’t overestimate her.

So my tip to you: Don’t rely so much on the signals, but focus on yourself at this moment.

Listen to your gut feeling and your body language and see how you feel in their presence. These are the signals you need. I know men like to have templates and instructions. That saves rejection, gives the fallacy that one could reach one’s goal faster with abbreviations. But that’s not the case. Cultivating your sensitivity will take time and experience. But that’s when you’ll see the flirting signals.

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