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Gambling, i.e. addressing women, flirting, making contact, etc. depends very much on emotions, which have a major influence on the outcome of the conversation.

1. to make something out of a sense of duty / love

Everyone starts the topic of addressing women from a certain sense of duty: you are dissatisfied with your previous dating life or it is even imposed on you from social life.

An existing sense of duty does not arise from one’s own internal motivation and will burden you to steal your energy and let you burn out sooner or later.

  • The goal in life is rather to make something out of enthusiasm, love and devotion.

So look for something where you really stand behind it, what you do with passion and what fulfills you.

This can be a hobby, the right job or quite other things: church, parish, children, animals, etc..

Flirting’s the same:

So if, for example, you don’t tend to be the heavy party type, then at least choose a club whose style, music and audience you find appealing, and you’ll find it much more fun and ultimately more satisfying.

So create situations that you make out of love and joy.

2. actions resulting from vibrations

Actions can result from certain emotions and vibrations.

A distinction is made between negative oscillations and positive oscillations, which should be aimed for.

  • Negative vibrations
  • Indifference/ listlessness

The mixture does it here: Too much makes you disinterested, but a little should be available to you, otherwise you would take everything too personally.

  • shame

To start a situation from the emotion shame can not end well, because you always end this with an unattractive emotion. you associate.

With a portion of self-esteem, however, the shame can be overcome very well.

  • hatred and anger

Results mostly from bad experiences and injuries, but unfortunately works well, because the shown aggression radiates a certain dominance, even if unfortunately from the wrong direction.

In the long run, however, this way won’t get you anywhere.

  • Lust and desire

Also this origin will not bring you successfully to your goal.

Positive vibrations

  • courage

Fear, shame and indifference are reversed into courage.

Courage to speak to a woman usually pays off.

  • joy

To address a woman out of joy usually leads to a wonderful conversation.

  • love

Not only the situation is absolutely yours, but also getting to know interesting new people suits you, and your counterpart notices that.

A response out of love can almost only end successfully.

bottom line

So try to free yourself from the negative vibrations and instead do the addressing of women out of positive vibrations, out of love, fun and joy.

So if you are looking for something that you really enjoy, then you are on the right track to get to know at least as positive women on this positive level.

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