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Today we will talk about flakes.

The English term Flake refers to women to whom you have given your contact details, but who do not contact you. Actually, it’s not just about women – you can’t call yourself a guy either. Whereby you are not occupied then however as “Flake”, but with certain other negative words… Well, yeah. Society.

Flakes are normal – some have more, some have less. It also doesn’t always have to do with the length of the conversation or how experienced you are.

  • The important thing is that you accept that you will also encounter Flakes.

But what can you do to get solid phone numbers and minimize your flake rate?


First of all, as I said, you should consider this not reporting normal. Yes, in our society we are trimmed for the more often-near-better-faster. And what lies further than accepting a NO? We want to optimize something, use as few resources as possible for a goal – which is nonsense. Either you go into something 100% or not at all. All or not at all!

Still, a few basic tips might help you…


An important point is time.

Those who have invested more time in a previous conversation will also tend to be more inclined to get in touch. Or in other words: to remember you positively again!

Well, I’d like to invest a few more minutes in the first conversation.

However, this does not necessarily mean that a reasonable 2 minute conversation will not lead to a new contact.

Message or call?

This is up to the individual taste.

Personally, I used to favor a phone call because it means a bigger investment. Today a text message is also enough. People are then programmed to use modern chat tools, including to have to react to this. Like a Palowscher dog. It’s more the call that’s disturbing, as long as you’re not at work.

No matter if text or message: Pay attention to the time.

Is the lady easier to reach in the afternoon or in the evening?

However, if you do not reach the woman at the first attempt, please do not give up immediately, but do not try again five times afterwards.

Try it again the next day, and if then still no or message recall on your part occurred, try it again about three days later.

Then it’s the woman’s turn.

However, gradually prepare yourself that this is probably a flake.

But still, don’t panic: Flakes happen, it only depends on how you deal with them.

In summary, accept. There you go. Then longer conversations. Then report at intervals and ask for a meeting. DO NOT enter the Chatbuddy trap. If you don’t get the woman to report back after a week, move on.

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