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  • Why doesn’t the woman speak to me herself and ask for a date?
  • Why do I have to call her?
  • Or why should I invite her to dinner and not the other way around?

These and similar questions will be asked sooner or later and I have a clear opinion on them.

Arg related to these questions is the reference point of tracking.

But at what point is it running after and at what point is it in need?

  • In my opinion, women run after you as soon as you can no longer give value but only take a value.

For example, you feel miserable, are currently in a very bad phase and have no self-esteem, but still call the three phone numbers you have lying around at home all day.

But if you see a woman on the street and have to run after her so you can catch her, that’s fine, otherwise you might miss your chance.

Once you finally have her phone number, it’s clear to call your job, call her and set up a meeting.

This dominance is extremely attractive to women.

Of course, you can also discuss the choice of location, but it will be very popular if you take the lead here as well.

bottom line

When it comes to dating and intimacy, democracy and equality have simply lost nothing.

Conquer a woman? You have to learn dominance. The leadership and dominance shown on the male side have a very attractive effect on the female sex and get the whole thing rolling.

conquer women
How do I become dominant as a man?
dominant women
dominant woman

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